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2020: My Year of Patreon, Bookstagram, & Chill

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Hello everyone, and happy (late) New Year!

How's 2020 going for everyone so far? For me, personally, 2020 is going fantastic! After a frankly awful end to 2019, I started 2020 with a bang: by sorting out my priorities for 2020, I've come up with a reasonable writing schedule that I know I can achieve and also doesn't negatively impact my mental health.

As the heading of this post states, 2020 is my year of patreon, bookstagram and chill, where patreon will be my main focus, bookstagram will be an excuse for me to talk about the second thing I love next to writing (reading lol), and I will no longer be pretending that I'm merely 'working hard', when in reality I am literally almost killing myself to achieve my goals.

This blog post is to inform you guys on the decisions I've made and what I have planned for 2020 writing-wise, so let's get it!


Most of you might already be aware of this from my last blog post, but I decided late last year that Patreon was going to be my main priority writing-wise.

What I failed to mention, however, was that even though I'd mentally made patreon my utmost priority, I didn't actually implement it. I was still writing the books I wanted to self-publish, along with writing for patreon AND for wattpad. Because of this, I ended up overworked and overwhelmed, and by the time December hit, I couldn't even look at my laptop without wanting to fling it out of a window.

So, when the New Year came along, I decided to actually implement that decision, and so far, it has been going really well. I have realised how much work I can actually achieve in a week/a month, and this will help immensely with planning my schedule for the rest of the year.

As a result, and because I want to build a reliable source of income plus a rock solid fan base, Patreon will remain my number one priority for the entirety of 2020, and possibly for the unforseeable future.

I'm still planning to work on stories to self-publish, but my actually releasing any published works will be pushed until 2021, so I can take my time to finish writing the books, and save some money from my Patreon earnings to pay for an editor in the meantime.

But what about wattpad, some of you might ask? Worry not!


While Patreon will be my main focus, I am still planning a story (or two) to come to wattpad this year!

I'm hoping to officially start CUPID CALLING by April 2020. Patrons will of course have early access to the latest chapters, but the entire story will be coming to wattpad eventually, so I hope you all look forward to that!


As part of my effort to 'chill' this year, as the heading of this post states, I've started a bookstagram! I read on average about 100 books in a year, and I want to be more active on instagram, so I thought why not talk about what I'm reading?

So, if you like aesthetic photos of books, kindles, nooks and such, and want to know what I'm reading plus get some book recommendations by yours truly, then you can come on over and follow me if you wish.


That's all for now everyone! Thank you all so, so much for your support, and I hope our goals and dreams for 2020 all come true!

Until next time,


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