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"Which book should I read first?"

Updated: May 18, 2019

This is for all you people new to vee_ano on wattpad *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

I have twenty-eight published stories on wattpad - yeah, you heard me. TWENTY-EIGHT. Now, I have to admit that most of them are trash, which is the reason why I'm making this list.

For those of you new to my stuff, here is a carefully curated list of books - in no particular order - written by me (THAT ARE FREE TO READ, DID I MENTION THAT THEY'RE FREE?) which I feel proud enough of to recommend (and hope I don't regret, ha).

Just click on the picture of whichever one you're interested in, and start reading away!

Open book with the center pages forming a heart. A pink rose sits on top on the left side.
May your reading be as lovely as this pic is aesthetically pleasing

love & other desserts


"A trans boy finds love with a trans girl over two plates of waffles."

Word Count: 3,982

Tags: Romance, Fluff, Contemporary

Adorable fluff for the family to enjoy. Major Pride feels. And as you can see from the sticker, a winner in the Wattpad LGBTQ+ Sun-Kissed contest and part of the anthology.

You can also read this story (still free!) on my Patreon here!

fish out of water


"After the humans steal the Elixir of Life from the bottom of the sea, Florian's last resort in getting the Elixir back in order to save his dying mother is to turn to the Sea Witch.

To make him human, the Sea Witch requires only two things - his voice, and the heart of the Prince of the Island of Nires.

Should be easy, right? Wrong."

Word Count: 20,565

Tags: Retelling, Romance, Fluff, Fantasy

A Very Gay™ retelling of The Little Mermaid. Probably the most disgustingly romantic thing I've ever written. Give it a read and prepare to vomit rainbows while you do.

colour blind


"Reed is quite content living in his black and white world. And then he meets Harry."

Word Count: 4,030

Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Fluff

Another fluffy read, and the winner of Wattpad Romance's Hook, Line, and Twitter contest. It won first place and was - *clears throat pretentiously* - also a unanimous decision by the judges.

Think that should be enough to stir your interest, eh?

before the world ends


"Mike wakes up when it's the end of the world."

Word Count: 2,436

Tags: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance

This is another short and fluffy read, and like nothing I've ever written before. It was also for a competition, but I sadly didn't win because the judges don't know TALENT.

I'm kidding. Obviously.

Or am I.

love of a woman


"The love of a woman can be a very powerful thing. Now imagine the love of two."

Jo and Desiree have been dating for two years. They had the type of relationship anyone would want - but then Jo lost her mother and their relationship took a rocky turn. Jo changed.

Devastated by the loss, she isn't the same outspoken extrovert she used to be and is now a closed shell. Desiree decides they should move, have a change, in hopes that Jo would leave her shell and become the old girl she used to be. But then the new neighbours aren't really all they seem."

Word Count: 33,807

Tags: Romance, Mystery

I love how easily this story came to me and how much fun it was to write. Plus - lesbians, guys. You can't say no to lesbians. It is also very creepy in some parts, which I am never doing again thank you very much.

That's all, folks!

Yup. Twenty-seven stories and all I can truly recommend from the bottom of my heart are five. I have some my readers adore (which, why? YOU KNOW WHICH ONE I'M TALKING ABOUT GUYS), but I guess that's how the world works. I can't tell my readers which books to love more.

Once again, welcome new readers, and I hope you enjoy my stories! If you decide to read any of them NOT on this list, good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Until next time!



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