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HELL HATH NO FURY (Nova Falls #1)


They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Hell hasn't met Nathan Grimes.

Nathan Grimes’s life comes crashing down around him when he finds out his entire family has been murdered. When his attempt at bringing them back from the dead fails, he resorts to the next best thing: revenge.
Rowan has finally escaped captivity. He would’ve been ecstatic, if not for the fact that his escape hinged entirely on his sister sacrificing herself. Now Rowan vows to fulfil his final promise to her: to get to the unknown town called Nova Falls, and find the man she’d simply referred to as “Grimes”. Promise fulfilled, he was going to go back for her, and wreak havoc on the people who’d captured and mistreated them, no matter what it took.
Despite Nathan’s badly hidden desire to love and be loved, and Rowan’s staunch refusal to trust anyone but his sister; from the waters of their grief and the ashes of their rage and thirst for revenge – slowly, disbelievingly, love begins to bloom.