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Runo Edojah deserves a break. But secretly being the most powerful Dark Warlock in Palmer Falls and the best officer at the Imperium means he doesn’t really have time for a break.

Cedric Shah, 'ancient' vampire and caretaker of a group of homeless supernaturals, is trying to keep Liberation, AKA his home and slowly dying club, alive. When his family suggest he host a night of burlesque for magical and non-magical folk alike – with the option to lure in rich humans desperate for the erotic allure of a vampire bite – the temptation of the profits is too much for him to resist. 


When Runo’s friends stage an intervention and force him to go to Liberation to unwind, it’s lust at first sight for the vampire and the warlock. Even though Runo has been hurt before, he still desperately wants to love and be loved. Cedric, on the other hand, would rather stab himself in the heart with a wooden stake than saddle himself up in a relationship, talk less of one with a fucking warlock. No, thank you.


Then one of the vampires at Liberation is murdered, and everything goes to shit.